A Pleased Pair of Clients

Here's what Jeff and Tammy Sibert of Takoma Park had to say about our work following the completion of their project:

Quality Work

"Being able to watch our house build from scratch was fascinating! The contracting team took great care to choose high quality materials that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, the team seemed to take pride in their work. They really wanted to create a sturdy house."


"Our General Contractor exhibits finesse when scheduling his crews. Also, his teams worked with synchronicity. When a task was scheduled to be completed...it was completed on time. As the project progressed, we began to trust "THE" schedule and began to hold the team to their timeline. They didn't fail us."

Excellent Communicators

"[Thomas Archer is] a new millennium General Contractor that is accessible via phone, fax, email and text messaging. And he actually answers faxes, emails and text messages in a timely manner. He has never disappeared on us, even when he took a family vacation. We were always able to connect with him."

Worth the Expense!

"Thomas Archer, LLC came in 12% higher than another firm we interviewed. However, the end product makes it money well spent!"

More Comments from Clients

"We receive nothing but compliments on the rooms and those compliments
should be going to you, not us.  Many thanks for the fantastic work you and your crews did to repair, remodel, and change the back of the first floor for us."

- Ed and Mary Kathryn Winner (Takoma Park, DC)

"We were impressed with the professionalism and very organized approach of your company, it was better than most if not all that we have worked with.  Thank you!"

- Jeff and Katie Weaver.


"We were impressed with the final clean up and flexibility with the tree protection plan."

- Jeff Hopkins (Takoma Park, MD)


"I found you to be much more professional and organized than most of your competitors, while still being competitive on price.  We are extremely pleased with the entire experience, esp. after hearing so many horror stories about remodeling experiences."

- Stacy Beck (Chevy Chase, DC)


"We've felt really comfortable and confident with john Moody from the 1st time he came to talk about our project.  We would definitely recommend him - in fact we already have."

- Eric & Joletta Humpert (Silver Spring, MD)


"It's been such a pleasure working with John (and George, etc.).  Totally professional, organized, flexible, reasonable, and all the other good adjectives.  We have already recommended them to lots of people and will continue to do so.  Thank God we found them."

- Joe and Tammy Belden (Takoma Park, DC)