The Archer Advantage

Professional Architects and Engineers

Whether remodeling a small kitchen, gutting an entire home, or starting a new building project, Thomas Archer will create a finished product of exceptional value, durability and design. Our team of craftsmen, architects and engineers will help you reach your design and building goals easily, efficiently, and on time. Contact us today for details.

Track Record of Success

Thomas Archer has a proven track record and a history of exceptional design, quality and service. Below are a few of the advantages of choosing Thomas Archer for your next building or remodeling project:

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Knowledgeable craftsmen, architects and engineers
  • Licensed, bonded and insured company
  • Experienced building professionals
  • Commitment to continued interaction and communication with customer throughout the project
  • Environmentally-smart demolition and construction
  • Green construction and sustainable building materials available
  • Quality building team, including architects, engineers, master plumbers, carpenters, senior electricians, and concrete professionals
  • Environmentally-smart building and design


Ever-conscious of the connection between the environment, our well-being, and the sustainability of natural resources, Thomas Archer offers environmentally-efficient products and services. Through sustainable site planning, energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources, lower air conditioning and heating requirements, and improved indoor environmental air quality, Thomas Archer can fulfill your demand for high-performance, earth-friendly construction methods and materials.

Energy Efficiency

It has been well documented that the ongoing energy use of a building is the single greatest environmental impact of that building, and continues to impact the environment for decades. A home designed and constructed around energy efficiency can realize enormous savings. Everything from the positioning of the house, use of daylight and natural ventilation, lighting and appliances, and a renewable energy system can push a building closer to net zero energy consumption.

Whether you are building a new home or just doing renovations, Thomas Archer can help make sure that energy efficiency is a key design criterion. Contact us today for details.

Water Conservation

The average household consumes multiple thousands of gallons of water each month. From low-volume toilets and showerheads to water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines, there are numerous ways to incorporate water-saving solutions into your remodeling or building project. For the environmentally conscious, Thomas Archer can recommend ways for customers to cultivate good water habits. We can even show you how to harvest natural rainwater for irrigation and other uses! Contact us today for details.

Going Green

While Thomas Archer is committed to providing building products and services that will result in conservation of our natural resources throughout each of its projects, we also offer customers the opportunity to move beyond general environmentally-conscious methods, and to "go green" in their building design and construction. Click here to learn more about going green with Thomas Archer.