About Archer

Meet the Owner

Hi! I'm John, the Owner of Thomas Archer, LLC.

In 2003 I started Thomas Archer LLC, named after my third great grandfather Thomas Archer Moody to fulfill a gap that I found in most construction companies.  You see, most construction companies have the construction part down, but not the company part.  Running a successful construction company is about more than wood and nails.  It is about the lessons that most of us have learned in corporate America.

When I started Thomas Archer, I wanted to be different; I wanted to focus those lessons that I learned with my passion for construction.  At TA we focus everything we do around the client.  We use a methodical requirements gathering process, and manage staff, subcontractors, vendors, and scheduling with a commitment to superior craftsmanship.  In fact, every person that works for our team, including subcontractors, has signed our code of ethics and understands that we are obligated to leave our clients' property in a better condition that we found it, to spend our clients' money as if it were our own and to put forth the best in everything we do.

As you explore our company, keep in mind that 95% of our clients are referrals. While we maintain a stuffy office downtown, my goal is to be the easiest construction company to do business with, which means being on site at your job and orchestrating my team to build your dream.  I make sure everything runs smoothly from permits and demolition to cleanup and moving in. And when we hit a snag, (I've been doing this too long to pretend we won't) I make sure it gets resolved quickly and effectively and that the project stays on track.

"We do the difficult daily and the impossible at least once a month."

Affiliations & Licenses

  • Licensed in DC & MD

          - DC: #66001023
          - MD: #95169